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SterylnaWentylacja2In Klingenburg, every day we focus on constant development, research and preparation of innovative technologies which can be useful for the society and the environment.

Experience in the air conditioning and ventilation industry gained all over the world, for many years and in many sectors of industry, taught us that even in case of applying restrictive rules of hygiene, the air, having passed through the ventilation and air conditioning installation, will contain a lot of microbiological pollutants.

As a result of breathing in the polluted air every day, the health of rooms users is threatened!

The issues connected with pollution of air conditioning and ventilation, affecting directly the quality of air, are underestimated in Poland, and the necessity of maintaining ducts and HVAC air handlers in a proper hygienic condition is not fully realized there. In Germany, Great Britain, USA and Scandinavia there is a great social awareness regarding those issues. In those countries the correlation was recognized between:

  • indoor air pollution and the health of room users;
  • room users health and their work effectiveness;
  • work effectiveness and financial benefits.

Because we are not indifferent to the problem of indoor air pollution, we created this website which was designed to educate and make the society aware of the problem, as well as to help initiate the discussion connected with polluted air inside rooms to the negative effect of which many people are exposed.

In our actions, we identify with the position of the World Health Organization, which is as follows:

Every man has the right to breathe clean indoor air"1

1. The Right to Healthy Indoor Air, Raport on a WHO Meeting, Bilthoven, Holland, 15-17 may 2000.

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