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What can an infected building pass on to us?

Most pollutants found in air inside rooms can affect the health of room users. In flats, offices, production halls and other rooms, the pathogenic micro-organisms suspended in air (bio-aerosol) and the products of their metabolism, the so called VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), are potentially the most dangerous of such pollutants. The pollutants found in installations are pumped to rooms together with air. Micro-organisms occur in all environments on the Earth, their sporulated forms have been found also outside Earth's atmosphere. That is why their presence in rooms is perfectly normal. Disturbing the balance of the micro-ecosystem through the appearance of the conditions favourable for the development of some micro-organisms and limiting the development of others can be dangerous to room users. Especially in the case when pathogenic micro-organisms are the former group. Air conditioning and ventilation systems are a medium which can disturb that balance. Taking the taxonomy into account, micro-organisms can be divided into three groups:



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